Princesses on Ice

My cute little Maggie and Ellie had been asking me for so long when we were going to have a princess day and I kept telling them that I wasn't sure. But little did they know that I had a little trick up my sleeve! I showed up at their house one night and gave them tiaras and told them to get ready because we were having princess night with real live princesses... We went to Disney Princesses on Ice! It was so much fun to get to spend time with my girls. It was fun for me to see them having so much fun, and the many hugs, kisses, and thank you's I got throughout the night made it perfect. I absoultely love spending time with these two girls! They had smiles on their faces the whole night and we were all singing and dancing along with the princesses in the show! The girls both agreed that Cinderella was their favorite princess of the night. Every time a princess would come out she would wave and Ellie would say, "Oh Morgan! Did you see her just wave at me?" (Ring a bell Lisa hehe). Thanks to Kevin and Linda for letting me take your girls! We all had a blast!!