A Movie In The Park...

Madi, Maggie and I went and watched Surf's Up at the park. They had blow up toys that we played on before and Maggie was very brave and held a huge snake! We had a ton of fun that night.


The Girls

This was at dinner for "Princess Day"


My First Blog...Ever!

I just have to say congratulations to me! I have figured out enough about this blog business to know how to post something. :) Well, a little bit about me! I have an awesome family and the greatest friends that anyone could ask for, and I am more than happy to hang out with my friends and family anytime. I love to do anything and everything outside, especially camping and boating! I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher, so we will see how that goes! I love anything that makes me laugh because the best accessory that anyone can wear is a smile! :)

Sawyer, Maggie and Ellie

They are my most favorite kids!!

Madi and I after a cupcake fight


The WHOLE Family

I'm not trying to brag... but family is RAD!!!!


The Missionaries

Zac and Elder Saguibo hanging out in the M.T.C. in the Dominican Republic


Brax and I

Zac, Me, and Megs

Zac doesn't know our gangster ways!

Meg and I

Oops! Meg forgot to open her eyes! Haha

Meg, Me, and Cass

The three musketeers!

Madi and I

Why not put gum on your nose? Haha

Mads, Puff, and Me

We were trying to be serious, but Kyle couldn't resist throwing in the bunny ears!

Puff and I

Hanging out at a football game.

Sterling and I

Hanging out with my friend Lady Liberty

The fam

My awesome family in NYC

Puff and I

We had a bit of a cupcake fight...

Eryn and I

We were having good time at the rodeo!

Kirstin and I

We were looking pretty hot after a long day of white water rafting!

Meg and I

Another camping adventure of Meg and Mor.

My mom and I at SeaWorld

We had just gotten done having dinner with Shamu!

Meg and I

Megs and I in our gear to go camping.

My mommy and I

This is us looking sexy in our wetsuits before a long day of surfing!

Zac and I

We were at Texas Roadhouse and I told them it was Zac's birthday even though it wasn't. So he made me sit on the saddle with him.

Zac, Madison, and I

We were waiting in line at Maggie Moo's and decided that it was a perfect chance to pose a gangster pose.


Being goofy with Eryn

I know, we look way attractive! :)

My mom and I being carrots

We just couldn't resist sticking our faces in the holes...

Me, Puff, and the Human Dog

We were just walking along minding our own business when this guy in a dog suit came up to us and started barking up a storm! I don't think we stopped laughing for at least 10 minutes.

Zac and I at a BYU game.

We had a lot of fun that day!

The Girls at the Utes Game

Me, Eryn, and Megs!