BrItNeY sPeArS!!!!

So this week Me, Meg, Kirstin, and Leticia went to the Britney Spears concert and we all had a BLAST!!!! The pussycat dolls were the opening act and they were fun to see also. None of us ever stopped dancing and we all had rhaspy voices the next day from singing along and screaming! We went to dinner at Tucanos before (it's a wannabe Rodizio Grill, my advice is to stick to Rodizio...) it wasn't the best but it was fun to all be together and get pumped up for the concert. It was so much fun to have a night out with the girls! We can't wait for the next one!

Meg and I after dinner at Tucanos

Kirstin, Letecia, Mor, and Meg

Meg and I bored waiting for Britney!

Oopsie... Wrong Bathroom! :)

Meg at the urinal



Easter is my most favorite holiday ever and this year didn't disappoint! I journeyed down to Manti with Mike and the rest of the Smith family. Mike and I left on Friday to go down there and with my luck there was a terrible accident and it took us 5 HOURS to get there! It was crazy! But when we finally got there it was fun. Kylie took down her two friends Calli and Stacie and they were both way fun girls and I had a lot of fun with the three of them. We went shooting on Saturday and that was a blast. Thanks to Mike and Rick helping me and making sure I didn't kill myself! :) Mike and I drove home on Saturday night because my family had tickets to the Jazz game. They lost but it was fun to go to anyway. And then on Sunday morning we went to church and came home to do our Easter baskets, our Easter egg hunt, and color eggs. I had so much fun being with family and friends and I can't wait for Easter next year!

Thanks Smith family!!! :)