Our First Married Christmas

This was our first Christmas as a married couple and we were crazy busy and we loved it!! We had the Brown Christmas party, the Jensen family Christmas bonanza, the Rainey family party, and Christmas eve dinner at granny and grandpas.
Those were just the family parties, in addition to those we had a friend party at our house where I accidentally didn't cook the chicken long enough and everyone cut into it and it was raw. So we ate everything else while our chicken continued to cook. Then we had a little gift exchange where baby mama was by far the most coveted gift of the night. Cassity's and Morrison's left early because poor Dasha wasn't feeling well but everyone else stayed until the wee hours of the morning. We also had my cute girls dance recital where they did so awesome! I am so proud of them both an they worked really hard this year on their dances. I really love that they love dance and I hope to have a girly-girl one day who also loves it.
For Christmas eve we went to granny and grandpa's for dinner, then we went to my mom's and ate again (we couldn't turn down prime rib) and did our Christmas traditions with my family and then went home about midnight. We loved spending the night alone at our apartment instead of staying at one of our parents houses. We woke up early on Christmas morning so we could open up presents together before going to Michael's parents. We spoiled each other rotten but the main things were Michael got an autographed football from Alex Smith & Frank Gore and the new green jazz shorts, and I got a coat from Nordy's and tickets to lady antebellum.
Then we went to Hanson's and spent a few hours there, we went to granny and grandpa's, went to my mom's, went to my dad's, then back to Hanson's for dinner. It was such a busy day and we were totally spent by 8:00. Regardless of being tired though, we loved it! We had a great Christmas and hope that you did too!!

I kind of sucked at taking pictures, but here are a couple from or festivities.

Michael Troy playing santa at the Brown family party.

The girls and I at their recital

Michael holding Samuel at the Rainey family party. I kind of really love this picture of him...

My sweet nephew Noah playing with some presents from Grandma Ros

Christmas morning

And just for good measure, our Christmas tree skirt that I made for us. I am kind of proud of it.
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My first time sewing ever

I decided that I want to attempt to be crafty, so I bought a sewing machine about a month ago. When it first came I was so excited but it ended up just sitting in our spare bedroom because a) it intimidated the crap out of me and b) I had no idea what I was going to make. So as Christmas came nearer I decided I would make our stockings. My mom had homemade stockings for us growing up that all matched except of course they had different names on them and then they each had a different design embroidered on them. I couldn't imagine not having homemade stockings after always having one. I figured these would be our starter stockings and one day when we have a nugget or two, I'll make us a family set.

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