The Craziness of a New Semester... and my LAST ONE!!!

Every time at the beginning of a semester I can't help but think to myself, "Oh nelly this is going to be a long one!" I thought that to myself at the beginning of this semester as usual but this time is different. This time it doesn't even make me sad and want to quit because it is my LAST ONE!!!!! That's right folks at the end of this semester I will have my bachelor's degree. I still need to get my masters and finish my cosmetology license, but for now I am relieved to have this done. This semest requires a lot of effort. I have to teach my cute little first graders 40 hours a week, go to 3 classes a week, do my senior portfolio, and still work about 35 hours a week. The only thing that it seemed I could cut out of my schedule would be social life and there is no way I was going to do that. I. Would. Go. INSANE. Even with such a busy schedule, I am having more fun than ever. Michael and I have managed to see each other way more than I had anticipated with me living and teaching in Provo and him living in Sandy so I am very grateful for that. He has a basketball game every week so I try to fulfill my girlfriend duty and try to attend them. Getting to chat with Dasha and Masha is a bonus at those, and then we all usually end up grabbing dinner and/or hanging out afterwards. I also get to see him every time that I babysit my kiddos and he comes down and visits me, so it hasn't been too bad. Another bonus is that my best friend Kirstin is dating Michael's cousin (and good friend) Tyler so the 4 of us do things together quite often and I am lucky enough to get to spend time with my bestie and my cute boy! Then I always manage to get some quality time in with my mom every week. I absolutely love getting to spend time with her and talk with her. I couldn't ask for a better mom. I love this crazy life that I am living at the moment and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Hopefully one day it will slow down a bit, but for now I am strapped in tight on this roller coaster and I am riding it with my hands up!!



This year we decided that the new year would be the best if it was celebrated in sin city. Me, Michael, Kirstin, and Tyler started making our plans a while to go on our little adventure. Well as usual mother nature was not on our side and decided to have horrible weather the night before we left. We were contemplating whether or not we should drive down due to the weather conditions. After much contemplation (and let's be honest, a few arguments haha) we decided to go. Luckily good ol' Troy came to the rescue and let us borrow his truck. Michael said we needed it for 4-wheel drive, I said we needed it for the seat warmers... It was a win win situation; my tush was so happy and warm the whole way. Thanks Troy!! Anyway, we made it to Vegas safe and sound. We played black jack (we all won woo-hoo), shopped :), ate WAY too much, and saw The Mentalist. I didn't know anything about it when we bought or tickets but it was so awesome, I would recommend it. We all had a blast and definitely enjoyed the great people watching the Vegas has to offer. I put many people on Michael's team haha. We just might have to make this adventure a tradition!

P.S. None of my pictures will upload... :( I shall try again at a later date but until then, sorry that this is a lame pictureless blog.