It is safe to say that June 7, 2011 was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I am so grateful that I get my Michael Troy for an eternity. Marrying him in the Salt Lake Temple was the smartest and greatest decision I have ever made. This is one of those days that I always want to remember every detail of. So, you get to read about the entire day in this post (mainly because I will blog about it and then write it down in my journal later on)... So here it goes!
I woke up 5:30 to be at my hair appointment by 6:00 and then I came home and helped Gram finish her hair and make-up before doing my make-up and getting ready. Then my mom and I got my dress and everything in the car to head to the temple. I was supposed to be there at 9:15 and was there by 9:20. I know, can you believe it?? ONLY 5 MINUTES LATE!! This is such a huge accomplishment for me because I am always super late. I met up with everyone and Michael grabbed my hand and kissed me on the forehead and into the temple we went. I had the best butterflies throughout the day. They weren't the make you sick kind, they were the make you happy and giggly kind.

Our sealing was so special and I will always remember how I felt at that moment. When it was time to greet everyone outside the temple doors it took forever because my shoes got lost and I had to wait for about 25 minutes while my mom, step mom, and 3 matrons were running around trying to find out where they were. Luckily they were recovered and we got to have a good laugh about it. Then we went outside and got to hug everyone and take some family pictures. After the family pictures Michael and I took pictures until time for our luncheon.

Our luncheon was at JSMB and was so yummy. Both of our mom's told stories about us and then our wedding video was shown and some songs were sung. It was relaxed and low key and in my opnion perfect. After the luncheon it was on to the reception, but not without a pit stop for a diet coke of course! :)

We got to our reception and got changed and took as many pictures as we could until our guests started to arrive. It was our goal to just try and mingle and not have a line, which we accomplished (even though Michael and I were usually in different places due to this, but it was totally okay).

We had creme brulee, a shortcake with berries, strawberry cheesecake, and a chocolate fountain with tons of stuff to dip in it. We heard that all of it was delicious and we will just take your word for it because we never got to eat haha. When it came time to cut our cake my mom told Michael ever so kindly that she would kill him if it got on my dress, so we managed to only destroy each others faces. It was super classy. Then we had the traditional bouquet and garter toss which was great fun.

When it finally came time for our first dance we were both so excited because we had been taking dance lessons to do a little swing dance. We started out just doing a traditional slow dance to "Then", and then finally or music switched over to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" for our swing dance which I must say we did a pretty good job at. Especially Michael, lifting me in my dress was no easy task and he made it seem like he was lifting a bag of feathers. Then finally it swtiched to the ever so classic "Baby Got Back" and everyone got to see our ghetto fabulous dance moves. After that everyone joined in and we danced the night away. Including a special number by the groomsmen doing the YMCA and the bridesmaids starting off the conga line with many of the guests joining in.

After a few hours of dancing we decided that it was time to leave and we both went and changed into jeans, toms, and our Mr. and Mrs. Hanson jazz jerseys with our wedding dates as the numbers. As we walked out everyone blew bubbles at us and we crawled into the classic car arranged for us and drove off into the sunset to go to Little America. It was perfect! I am so excited to go through all of lifes adventures together!

Pictures will be here as soon as we get them back from the photographer.



It's legit. We are husband and wife. I love it. :)More to come about our wedding day and honeymoon.