Princesses on Ice

My cute little Maggie and Ellie had been asking me for so long when we were going to have a princess day and I kept telling them that I wasn't sure. But little did they know that I had a little trick up my sleeve! I showed up at their house one night and gave them tiaras and told them to get ready because we were having princess night with real live princesses... We went to Disney Princesses on Ice! It was so much fun to get to spend time with my girls. It was fun for me to see them having so much fun, and the many hugs, kisses, and thank you's I got throughout the night made it perfect. I absoultely love spending time with these two girls! They had smiles on their faces the whole night and we were all singing and dancing along with the princesses in the show! The girls both agreed that Cinderella was their favorite princess of the night. Every time a princess would come out she would wave and Ellie would say, "Oh Morgan! Did you see her just wave at me?" (Ring a bell Lisa hehe). Thanks to Kevin and Linda for letting me take your girls! We all had a blast!!


The Circus is In Town!!!

On Friday I was lucky enough to get to take Sawyer, Maggie, and Ellie to the circus! For the past 3 or 4 years I have taken Sawyer and Maggie but this was the first year that Ellie came and she absolutely loved it! It was so much fun to see their faces light up and to see their smiles from ear to ear. Every time something exciting happened (which was like every 20 seconds haha) I would hear, "WHOA" and "WOW" from Sawyer and Maggie and Ellie would look at me with the most amazed look and scream, "THAT WAS AMAZING!!" It was so much fun to see them have such a good time and I can't wait to take them again next year!


Brad Paisley

On Saturday Kirstin and I went to the Brad Paisley concert and it was so so so much fun! We had 3rd row seats so it couldn't have been any better! We only get to see each other about once a month if we are lucky, sometimes it's longer! So it was so much fun to get to spend time together. I swear I have the worst luck with camera's and we got to the concert and I realized my battery was completely dead. So I had to get pictures from Kirstin, luckily she is smart and brought a charged one. We didn't take very many pictures because we were too busy dancing and singing as loud as we could!

Hiding from the rain

Waiting in line to get cotton candy!


My Little Princesses

Maggie and Ellie are my most favorite girls ever. They are just like little sisters to me and I cherish every second that I have with them. I found out about a princess contest for little girls to enter and I knew I had to enter these two! We had so much fun getting ready and being girly and taking the pictures. A huge thanks to Rick for taking them for us!!!!! You did a great job and we all had so much fun! To vote for Maggie and Ellie to win the princess contest go to http://www.pinkdaffodilphoto.blogspot.com/ on Wednesday or Thursday (9.16 & 9.17). Thanks again Rick! The girls and Ihad a blast getting to spend time together and with you!!!!


Boating Fun!!!!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and the Stephens planned a surprise boating trip for me for a late birthday/graduation present. But of course just my luck the day that they had initially planned it we woke up to a giant storm! So my mom told me what was going on and Linda called and asked if we could go the weekend after. Not all of my friends could come the next weekend, but it didn't matter! I had a blast with those who were able to make it. I was bummed that Maggie couldn't come because I wanted to see her water ski so bad, but that means that I will just have to go with Stephens another time, dang! :) Here are just a few pictures from our little adventure. Thank you so much mom and Stephens! I couldn't ask for a better family! :)
P.S. I seem to have accidentally deleted all of the wakeboarding pictures on my camera.... Oops!

BBQ with Rigby's and Stephens

So clear back in like the middle of July (I have been a slacker blogger...), the Rigby's, Stephens and I finally got together and had a bbq. We all had a lot of fun and it was really good to have my two favorite families (besides my own of course) get to know each other a little bit better. We went swimming, had some amazing steak, and finished it off with a fire and smores and roasted starbursts! It was great to all spend some time together and to share some hilarious stories. Let's do it again soon!


New Niece :)

This morning my sister Nicole had her 2nd baby. Her name is Isabelle Noble Lance and we are so excited that she is here! It was so fun to go see her at the hospital and to get to hold her for the first time. She is so tiny and we are so excited to have her be a part of our family. I now have a niece and a nephew and I love them both. Thomas wasn't so sure about having a new baby sister but I think she is growing on him. Once again I didn't have my camera (lame me...) so all of these pictures are from my phone.

Isabelle and I
Baby Isabelle
Proud Grandma
Grandpa with his grandkids
The baby makers... AKA Nicole and Jeremiah


*Kenny Chesney*

Wow I don't even know where to begin. The Kenny Chesney concert was AMAZING!! My mom and I were lucky enough to get floor seats to his concert and we had a blast. My mom's friend Mark asked her earlier in the day if she was going to the concert that night and indeed she was so they said they would try and meet up to say hi. Well it turns out we got to our seats and they were right next to us. It was such a good concert and we had a blast. The only bad thing was that I forgot my camera so all of the pictures are from my phone. Lame-o! But seeing as how that was the only flaw of the night, I think it's safe to say that it was close to perfect! I am so lucky to have an amazing mom who would come and sing and dance with me the whole time. We never sat down once and we were worn out in the end from dancing, yelling, and singing! We will definitely go again next time he is in town!

Mark and his wife
Sexy Kenny!

Rockin' the cowgirl hats


St. George!

Last weekend my mom, Brianne, and I took a much needed vacation down to St. George. I needed it so bad! Not one thing has gone right lately, it has just been one big storm after the other so it was great to forget all of my troubles for the weekend and get out with the girls. We stayed at Grandma's house and lucky me, Kirstin lives in St. George andcame along for our adventures too! We went and saw Annie and Footloose at Tuacahn and they were both awesome! Brianne and I are still singing "Cut loose, Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes! Please Louise pull me of of my knees!" Haha. We also went and got pedicures (which were amazing, thanks again Gram!), went to Nielsen's frozen custard to get a concrete, and went swimming. It was such a relaxed weekend and I can't wait for the next one!