So last weekend my mom, Meagan and I decided that it would be nice to go to St. George for the weekend. We didn't really have anything planned other than to just go down and have fun. Meg and I were debating about going to Vegas and then Rem and Tracy needed a ride down there to the airport. So we decided we would take them down there and then have an adventure in Las Vegas! We wanted to go to a show down there and the cheapest one turned out to be Chippendales... So you know Meg and I we started laughing hysterically and looked at each other and screamed YES!!!! We had so much being down there together for a girls night! The show wasn't as risque as you would think and we fell in love with the cute lady that sat next to us. I ended up catching a shirt that one of the guys ripped off and threw in to the crowd! Woo hoo! (The last picture shows what Meg and I are really like though... being dorks after eating at Cracker Barrel!!)