Tying her shoes

I'm not going to lie, I totally had a proud parent moment with this one. Recently when I have been babysitting Ellie has been asking me how to tie her shoes. Tonight she mastered it...

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Nordstrom is seriously one of my most favorite places in the world. It is my haven. I hope that I have a little girl one day who's eyes widen and light up as she sees all of the perfectly placed clothes as we enter the doors to this magnificent place. I know, you are probably thinking that I am going to have one evil and demanding child, but I will only let her love and enjoy this place if she is sweet as sugar while looking amazing in her Nordstrom outfits mmkay?

Anyway... I always wait in anticipation for the anniversary sale and when it comes I shop to my hearts content. This year was a little different seeing as how I am married now and I need to think of Michael Troy as well as myself. But even with that being said I would say that I made out quite nicely, well maybe more than nicely... It is quite convenient that the sale is so close to my birthday :) Here is the beautiful outfit that I CANNOT WAIT to start wearing as soon as the weather permits it.


A-Z and in-between

So apparently this is the thing people are doing on their blogs these days, and welp... I've got nothing but time sitting here at work so here we go!

Age: 21 (for one more week!)
Bed Size: Queen... but oh how I wish it was king!
Chore I hate: Weeding!
Dogs: Zilch :( we will have a couple one day though.
Essential start of my day: Making sure Michael has a towel so he doesn't drip on the floor after his shower... I can't handle it.
Favorite Color: PINK!!!
Gold or silver: Both
Height: 5 feet and 4 inches
Instruments I play (or have played): I took piano and guitar lessons growing up. I can successfully do neither now.
Kids: Not yet. But there will be a few Hanson nuggest one day! We just borrow Sawyer, Maggie, and Ellie for now.
Live: Sandy Utah
Mom's Name: ROS!
Nickname: Mor, Eddie, Morsol.
Overnight hospital stays: None so far. Knock on wood!
Pet Peeve: B-word girls and Michael dripping on the floor after the shower (see E).
Quote from a movie: Here comes yo Baby Mama... Drivin a Suzuki! (Haha I laughed out loud when I wrote that)
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: 3 crazy brothers, 2 step-sisters
Time I wake up: 7, unless it is the weekend then it is like 9 or 10ish
Underwear: Yes please. If you don't you have problems far beyond your lack of underwear...
Vegetables I dislike: NONE!! I love them all!
What makes me run late: Everything.
X-rays I've had done: Back, ribs, arms (many times), hands
Yummy food I make: Chicken roll-ups, cookies, and cuppy cakes.
Zoo animal: Elephants. I'm a tad obsessed actually...


Lunch with hubby

I love lunch with the hubs :)

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Can I just say that I have the best sister in law ever? I can tell her anything and she is always there for me. And my favorite thing is, we take pictures like this to entertain ourselves...

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Hubby loves me and surprised me with a white iPhone that I wanted oh so badly. I'm kind of madly in love with him...

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For our honeymoon we went to Orlando. Yes, we did all of the typical theme park stuff and we LOVED it! Our favorite part by far was Universal Studios. Everything there was incredible and we had a blast seeing everything there.
Our first night there we got there at almost midnight so we just headed to our hotel. The attendant found out it was our honeymoon and felt awful that he didn't have any champagne to offer us. We told him it was no big deal and as we were telling him to not worry about it he looked at our reservation and realized we were from Utah and then said (in his fantastic British accent), "Oh I see you are from Utah. You might not drink. Are you those Musl... no, not Muslim. Umm... Umm... Those Mitt Romney people?" Haha we both got a good laugh out of it.

The next day we woke up and went to a super fun water park with lots of great water slides and it even had wake surfing! After that we went back to our hotel room and got all dolled up and went to Ruth's Chris. And much thanks to the big party behind us and the crying baby to our right, our meal was free. Nothing better than a medium rare USDA prime steak, fingerling potatoes, creamed spinach and creme brulee for nothing but the cost of valet!

The rest of our trip consisted of Busch Gardens, Disneyworld, Islands of Adventures, Universal Studios, (most of these places were attended multiple times) mini golf, Michael winning a basketball competition (I was such a proud wifey), the blue man group, and LOTS of good food. If you know us at all, you know that good food is one of our favorites! So we ate at lots of delicious places. One of the best things we had were tempura berries and I will tell you what, I was in heaven.

I definitely miss Orlando and getting to spend every second with my cute hubby, but it is nice to be home and to get settled. Our place is almost all put together and we are loving the start of our life together!