Gingerbread Houses

To get in the Christmas spirit we decided that we would make gingerbread houses and watch The Grinch. Little did we know making gingerbread houses is WAY HARDER than we thought. Kirstin and Tyler's downfall - the hole for them to pipe out their icing was huge.
Mine and Michael's downfall - neither of us are crafty, however, in the end we were both pleased with our outcome.
Mallory and Stockton's downfall - I don't think they had one. They did their's in half the time and I think it turned out the best.... They have skills.
We ended up passing up The Grinch because our houses took so much longer than anticipated. We all had a blast and we are planning on making this a tradition. I think this little converstation was everyone's favorite part of the night:
(Michael let's one rip)
Stockton: You rip in front of girls?!?
Michael: Ha ha yeah!
Stockton: I would never fart in front of a girl... Well, not one that I'm hittin!

Oh Stockton... Thanks for the laughs :) Haha

Kirstin and Tyler creating their house
Michael and I attempting to make it look good

The beginning of Stockton and Mal's marvelous creation
Snow covered house

Utes and Jazz we love em' both