The Whole Fam! (Well my dad's side anyway...)

It is fairly rare that me, all of my brothers and my dad and step mom are together. So I was so excited when we all got the chance to be on my dad's birthday! It is so crazy to me that my "little" brother Jordan is a good 5 inches taller than me and Taylor is catching up quick! I love my family and especially my brothers so much! They are the best!!!!


Thriller/ Halloween

The weekend before Halloween my mom and I went down to St. George to go to Thriller with my grandma and Kirstin. We all had a ton of fun. It is a way cool show, if you haven't gotten you should definitely check it out next year! And then Halloween weekend was also an adventure too! The night before Halloween my work did trunk or treating for the kids at The Christmas Box house. My mom came along for the ride and I also took Sawyer, Maggie, and Ellie. It was so much fun for everyone! My mom and I dressed up as The Incredibles and we had a lot of fun doing it! :)

Ellie's Birthday and The Primary Program

Ellie's birthday was October 22 and she turned 3. She had a blast at her birthday party! If you ask her she will say, "I used to be little but I just grew up so fast!" Haha. Luckily, she really is still little! :) Then the Sunday after her party was the kids primary program. I went to see them in it and they all did awesome! Maggie sang with a few other girls, Sawyer talked about missionaries and Zac which made me cry! He looks up to him so much. And last but not least Ellie sang I Am a Child of God all by herself! Nobody could believe how well she did! It was so much fun to go and see them all! I obviously couldn't take pictures during the program but I got a few pictures of them in their church clothes afterwards!