Meagan and Parker tied the knot

On May 21st one of my best friends Meagan married one of my newly acquired best friends Parker. They got sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake temple. I am so happy for them and they are perfect for each other. When they first got engaged I was so afraid that this was going to be the end of one of the greatest friendships I have ever had. But little did I know I was going to gain another best friend, not lose one. Parker is so awesome and he fits in with our group perfectly. As soon as they got married I found out that Gabi (Meg and I's partner in crime) is engaged to her honey Taylor. Taylor is kind of the same story as Parker. He is so perfect for Gabi and they bring the best out in each other. Parker and Tay are such a great new addition to our little group and I am so happy that they are both in it forever! I love our nights that we spend together, even though I am the 5th wheel haha :). Congratulations to my two best friends! I am so happy for you and I love you both! Welcome to the club Parker and Tay! Hang on tight because it is going to be one crazy ride!!!!

The newlyweds coming out of the temple

Meg, Mor, Gab


Gabi and Tay


summer and a new beginning

YIPPEE!!!! SCHOOL IS OVER!!! And to top it all off, I got a 4.0! I am so excited that this wonderful day has finally come. This going to be my first summer off of school since I graduated high school and I am so thrilled! I am so excited to spend the summer with my friends and the new people I meet along the way! The greatest part is that my BFF Kirstin is moving home in 2 days and I am ecstatic! We always have the best adventures together and we already have a trip to California planned for my birthday! My summer started off with watching the Stephens kids for a week while their parents went to Cabo. It couldn't have come at a better time because they always make me laugh and it was a great way to occupy my time and get my mind of things! I have a feeling that this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet!