*Kenny Chesney*

Wow I don't even know where to begin. The Kenny Chesney concert was AMAZING!! My mom and I were lucky enough to get floor seats to his concert and we had a blast. My mom's friend Mark asked her earlier in the day if she was going to the concert that night and indeed she was so they said they would try and meet up to say hi. Well it turns out we got to our seats and they were right next to us. It was such a good concert and we had a blast. The only bad thing was that I forgot my camera so all of the pictures are from my phone. Lame-o! But seeing as how that was the only flaw of the night, I think it's safe to say that it was close to perfect! I am so lucky to have an amazing mom who would come and sing and dance with me the whole time. We never sat down once and we were worn out in the end from dancing, yelling, and singing! We will definitely go again next time he is in town!

Mark and his wife
Sexy Kenny!

Rockin' the cowgirl hats


St. George!

Last weekend my mom, Brianne, and I took a much needed vacation down to St. George. I needed it so bad! Not one thing has gone right lately, it has just been one big storm after the other so it was great to forget all of my troubles for the weekend and get out with the girls. We stayed at Grandma's house and lucky me, Kirstin lives in St. George andcame along for our adventures too! We went and saw Annie and Footloose at Tuacahn and they were both awesome! Brianne and I are still singing "Cut loose, Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes! Please Louise pull me of of my knees!" Haha. We also went and got pedicures (which were amazing, thanks again Gram!), went to Nielsen's frozen custard to get a concrete, and went swimming. It was such a relaxed weekend and I can't wait for the next one!