Oh nelly we are so ready for summer!! The school that I have been teaching at is total hell. Every day was a new nightmare to encounter. The administration was a total joke (superintendent choking/beating up a student outside my classroom, that's just one of many many things) and I am so ready to be done. May 25 is my last day and I can't wait to leave and never come back. I told all of my parents to have their kids switch schools and about 3/4 of them took my advice. But luckily I got hired at Willow Springs Elementary in Canyson School District for next year. So stoked! Also, Michael Troy graduated from the U. I am beyond thrilled!! I strongly disliked that he would be gone so late at night at class, and I would be stressed beyond belief when he woud procrastinate his assignments (which really makes no sense because I am the queen of procrastination). But I am just so happy he is done. We will be spending some time at bear lake, getting snow cones, going to the pool, continuing to teach Millie, going on hikes, having bbq's and fires, and playing with friends as much as possible. I am so excited to have the whole summer off. I will work a few times a week at my old insurance job, but nothing to strenuous. I feel that this summer is going to be good to us!!


tracie said...

Wow, great news about your new job!! Congrats girlie! We need to plan a play date soon!!

Also, pictures of house on blog soon please!!

Dasha said...

Yay for summer vacation! You'll have to come hang out with me and Baby Butch a lot, deal? I will provide ice cream!