Mrs. Hanson

That is the name that I am going to start hearing roughly 100 times a day. I just got offered a job to teach kindergarten at Quail Run Primary School in Pleasant Grove. I'm not super stoked about the location, or that it is a charter school. However, the charter might turn out to be amazing, it's just new to me. But I am really jazzed about the fact that it is kindergarten. To some people this might be their worst nightmare, but I think it is pretty awesome. I am way bummed to leave my job now though. They have been such a great company to work for. They have treated me really well while I have been here and even when I told them about my new job they were so excited for me and wanted to know all about it. They are truly amazing and I am going to miss it. But luckily I just have to miss it until the end of the school year and then they are going to let me come back and work over the summer! Seriously that makes me so excited! I will basically get to work whenever works for me. It's my ultimate dream summer job. I can have as many lazy days as I want while also not feeling like I have nothing to do. Then when summer comes to an end I will get to go back and meet my new kindergarten class. I am really looking forward to this! :)

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Dasha said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting and sounds like an ideal situation with your job and stuff. When do you start?