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At the Hanson home we pretty much spend our free time watching football, basketball, and One Tree Hill, which coincidentally is about basketball. Unless you are living under a rock you might have heard how AWESOME THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS ARE DOING. Yeah, we heart them in our house. I must admit I didn't have a fave NFL team but then he put a ring on it and he loves them so I would watch with him and I fell in love with them too. The game last Saturday against the New Orleans Saints was pretty intense and I must admit that Michael having to stand up and pace during a super intense time spread to me and I couldn't sit down because the last few minutes were so intense and I may or may not have been sweating because of it. Well they won. Here is a little recap in case you missed it. So now we have one more game against the NY Giants and if we win we are going to the super bowl!! So exciting! And this is my true girl coming out, I really need them to go to the super bowl bowl because hubby promised me months ago that if they made it he would buy me a 49ers sweat suit from Victoria's Secret and by golly I want me a sweat suit!

Now our dear friends the Jazz on the other hand, also KILLING IT! We really like the Jazz and have a good time watching the games together and on occasion with friends. We are hoping that they keep up the good work and continue to play hard because we are loving every second of them this year! I am really liking Enes Kanter, that rookie has some skills! And of course the beloved Paul Millsap. I seriously can't get enough of him. Michael makes fun of me because every time he does something good I jump/cheer/dance. I just love him. And Michael really likes him too. So much that we are adding a new addition to our family and her name is Mille. Nope, no human baby here. Just a canine baby. Yep, we are getting a puppy!
Millie is a black lab and was born January 10, 2012 and we couldn't be more excited to get her! We need to give her some more time with her mommy but we are looking forward to the day when we get to bring her home. Wish us (and the niners and Jazz) luck!!

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Dasha said...

So you decided to name her Millie instead of Roxy? I approve! Awesome choice.