Our blog is changing!

Well folks, our blog is changing. The name of it, and the fact that it is public. Here are the reasons for both...

Why is the name changing? Well, I am no longer Morgan Harper, and Michael is a part of this as well. So we shall have a new name for our blog. I have yet to think of what it will be though. The hubs and I shall discuss and get back to you on that.
Why are we going private? Well, truthfully I have always contemplated about going private but I thought that we really had no reason to because I really don't put anything on here that I am not okay with the general public seeing, because duh, it's a blog! I thought that maybe I would change when we had kids because they would be so frequently documented but I would cross that bridge when it came to it. Well then I thought about my nuggets that I watch now. They aren't on our blog a ton, but they do make it on occasionally and when they do I try to use their nicknames for them. Sometimes I would slip and use their real names but I really wasn't super concerned.
But then I looked and you know how you can see what people put in their search box that leads them to your blog? Well quite a few people were looking up young girls, and even specific ages and they would get to my blog! There are absolutely no inappropriate picture of anything on our blog (especially of kids!) but it still made me wonder what these creeps were doing with the pictures. So therefore, we are going private. I know that a ton of people don't look at our blog but if you want to be able to look at, just send me your email so I can add you. There have been a few peoples blogs that I "blog-stalk" (I swear not in a creeper way) that I either went to high school with, or I found it through a friend and I think their blog is interesting or funny or whatever and then they go private and I don't send my email because I feel like a total weirdo! But seriously, if you are one of those people just let me know and I wouldn't have a problem with you looking at our blog and I would be happy to add you!

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Dasha said...

Totally add me, yo. My email is nowhearthis09@gmail.com